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hackpad.com is the best wiki ever.

likething.com was a good learning experience.

shmoovies is a now launched integration of premium content at youtube (with folks at youtube.)

iamafraidof.com is a space for safe and anonymous exploration of fears. As different people enter their fears, they are added in real-time to the list and appear to anyone viewing the page.

the n-counter is a Burning Man 2007 art installation I built with Mike Dabrowski and Audrey Snyder. It is a large scale (8' tall) LCD counter operated with a single push button, deep in the playa of Burning Man.

audio preview was a collaboration with Billy and Geoff that is best documented on the xkcd blog. This hack resulted in eight hundred videos by the YouTube community, and an outpouring of creativity. My favorites are this one and this one.

todoitem.com is a single item to do list.

annabrad.com is a lovingly crafted gallery for the photos I took at my cousin's wedding.

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work history

Co-founder at Hackpad 2011 - current

Software Engineer at Youtube/Google 2007 - 2010

Software Engineer, Microsoft Office OneNote at Microsoft 2004 - 2006

Software Engineer, Speech Components Group at Microsoft 2002 - 2004

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