shmoovies is a now launched integration of premium content at youtube (with folks at youtube.) is a space for safe and anonymous exploration of fears. As different people enter their fears, they are added in real-time to the list and appear to anyone viewing the page. is a single item to do list. is a lovingly crafted gallery for the photos I took at my cousin's wedding.

audio preview was a collaboration with Billy and Geoff that is best documented on the xkcd blog. This hack resulted in eight hundred videos by the YouTube community, and an outpouring of creativity. My favorites are this one and this one.

the n-counter is a Burning Man 2007 art installation I built with Mike Dabrowski and Audrey Snyder (with help from Moshen Chan and the rest of PlanD). It is a large scale (8' tall) LCD counter operated with a single push button, deep in the playa of Burning Man.

project 960 was a launch of a wide site layout on youtube, enabling support for widescreen videos and simplifying the site's layout structure while optimizing for more modern screen widths (with folks at youtube.)

youtube annotations championed internally, and helped integrate into the youtube front-end (with folks at youtube.)

deep links support for deep linking into youtube videos (with Billy and player team).

masthead redesign is a redesign, streamlining and simplification of the masthead (with folks at youtube.)

youtube activity streams the original implementation of activity streams (what your friends are favoriting, rating, uploading, commenting on) at youtube (with folks at youtube.)

youtube igoogle gadget a default iGoogle gadget which allows browsing and searching for youtube videos on the iGoogle homepage (with folks at youtube.)

youtube mobile the original version of the youtube mobile site. Worked on backend, touched up frontend, added support for phone capability detection, MMS uploads, shortcodes, SMS number verification.

camera project is a Burning Man 2005 art project. We decorated 10 disposable cameras with the instructions: 1. take a picture. 2. gift this camera to a stranger. 3. return the camera to us when full. About a month after the even, I recieved and email and then a CD with photos from one of the cameras. The idea was to create an artifact which sparked connections between people by its very existence at the same time as it documented these connections.

puzzlehack is a week long game hosted at UIUC and co-founded with Josh Michaels in 2002. Josh and I hosted the first and second puzzlehacks. The contest in now in its 8th year. More info here.

sigbot rover is a 4-wheeled roving robot built for the Jerry Sanders design competition while I was leading SigBot@UIUC. Sadly this project is not well documented except for the hole it left in my face :)

caffeine is an online, talking, i-card enabled soda machine built with Mike Dabrowski . Building one if these is apparently a rite of passage. is.

p.s. please note that only a few work projects are highlighted here - mostly ones that are interesting and well documented online.

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